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SEVID- a small place for a great vacation in central Dalmatia. A beautiful place with the clearest sea in Croatia. Away from city noises, Sevid is just the right place for your intimate vacation.

It was founded by old fisherman from Rogoznica and it was named after the church of St. Vid, around which the village was built.

Sevid is surrounded by crystal clear sea, lots of islands and the most famous sandy cove Old Trogir, where you can see the remmants of the old Roman villa Rustika which served to the ancient Romans as a shelter and a boat dock where they took their suplies and water.

It is the perfect place for relaxation, with Dalmatian food, the scent of the sea and the sound of seagulls which is perfect for relieving stress.

It offers an ideal location for a relaxing holiday and there are stunning panoramic views of untouched Mediterranean landscape and crystal clear turquoise coloured water. Untouched nature and pleasant people are some of numerous qualities which make Sevid a unique place.

Far from everyday crowd and noise of urban areas, this small Mediterranean place will offer you, above all, peacefulness and quietness. All day long enjoying in swimming and sunbathing is all that is waiting for you in this small village.

The temperatures are moderate, the air pressure and humidity stable, fog appears only three days a year and there is a lot of sunshine. The average number of hours of sunshine per year is 2580 (just as in Palermo, Italy).

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by exceptionally clean air and sea-salt aerosols. The 'sea air' is a key feature of the Mediterranean climate. The higest concentration of sea-salt aerosol is recorded right by the sea i.e. on the beach and therefore in our apartments as well. In addition, our apartments provide adequate servies to ensure a relaxing seaside vacation.

Sevid is situated 45 km north from Split, 15 km north from Trogir and 14 km south from Primosten, 8 km from Rogoznica.

Local activities:
Cycling, diving, kayaking, fish-picnics by boats (depart from Rogoznica), sailing, swimming, fishing and windsurfing.



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Travel by car - General Information

National Autoclub of Republica of Croatia

24 hour technical assistance, provision of information regarding travel on Croatia's roads and traffic conditions.
Dial 987 for road assistance.
Info centar: (01) 4640 800
Web:; - Croatian Motorways Ltd


To enter Croatia, a drivers's licence, an automobile registration card and a vehicle insurance documents (including Green Card) are needed.

Permitted speeds:

  • 50 km/h - within built-up areas
  • 80 km/h - outside built-up areas
  • 110 km/h - on major motor routes
  • 140 km/h - on motorways
  • 80 km/h - for motor vehicles with a caravan trailer
  • 80 km/h - for buses and buses with a light trailer

Rain: Please adjust speed to conditions on wet roads.
Driving with headlights is obligatory during both day and night.
Mobile phones: Use of mobile phones while driving is not permitted.
Maximum permitted amount of alcohol in blood: 0.0 milligrams percent!!!
Use of seat belt is obligatory.

Petrol stations:

Open from 7 am until 7 or 8 pm every day; in summer season until 10 pm. On-duty petrol stations in the larger cities and on main routes are opened 24 hours a day.
All petrol stations sell Eurosuper 95, Super 95, Super plus 98, Normal and Euro Diesel fuel.
For information on prices of petrol and on the list of centres selling gas:,,

Taxi service:

In all cities and tourist places tel. 970.


This service is available in all larger towns, tourist resorts and at aeroports.

Road distances:

Towns Dubrovnik Karlovac Osijek Pula Rijeka Sibenik Sl. Brod Split Varazdin Zadar Zagreb
Dubrovnik - 526 521 711 601 305 472 216 630 377 582
Karlovac 526 - 336 236 126 282 246 309 154 232 56
Osijek 521 336 - 572 462 494 91 660 236 559 282
Pula 711 263 572 - 110 406 482 503 390 334 292
Rijeka 609 126 462 110 - 296 372 405 280 280 175
Sibenik 305 282 494 406 296 - 403 97 436 72 338
Sl. Brod 472 246 91 482 372 403 - 448 239 468 190
Split 216 309 505 503 393 97 448 - 463 169 378
Varazdin 630 154 236 390 280 436 239 463 - 386 98
Zadar 377 232 559 334 224 72 468 169 386 - 253
Zagreb 572 56 280 292 182 338 190 365 98 288 -

Croatian Automobile Club:

Information on road conditions: (01) 4640 800
In case of need of technical road assistance, unique phone number is disposed to drivers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day: 987 (for mobile phone calls you sholud dial prefix 01 if you are in Croatia or +3851 from abroad).

Breakdown assistance at the roadside includes::

- Car repair on the spot
Transport of broken down cars, abandoned cars or cars damaged in car accidents up to 200 km.

Travel by air

Croatia Airlines

The national airline company.
Information and purchase of air ticket:
Information and reservation: +385 1 4872 727 or 062 777 777.

Other airline companies flying within Croatia:
Aeroflot, Air France, Alitalia, Austiran Airlines, ÈSA, Lufthansa, LOT, Malev, Germanwings, Scandinavia Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air Bosna, Air One, British Airways, Hapag Lloyd, Norwegian Air Shuttle, TAP, Wizz Air, Estonia Air, EasyJet, Skyeuropa, Aer Lingus.

Split Airport is 18 km away from Sevid. If they arrive in Croatia by plane, our guests have optional feature - we will wait them on the Split airport and safely transport them to our apartments in Sevid.



MARINA (8 km)

Click to enlarge Marina village is situated in the bay of Trogir, 8 km from Sevid.

Marina is best known for its tower which dates back to the far history and which was a shelter for the natives who fought with Mletcanima, and today it's turned into a hotel and restaurant.
In Marina you can find Agana Marina- small harbour for ships and yachts, tourist bureau, post office, medical clinic, supermarkets, exchange office, pizza places and restaurants, taverns with original Dalmatian ambience which offer you a wide range of fish specialities accompanied by domestic wines and different cafes which offer great parties to the young ones.
Marina's cultural summer is organized every year where different klape (male and female), singers, folklore and dance groups and animators performe, where games and competitions which are played in Dalmatia since antiquities are organiyed and in which the best get te valuable prizes.
July, the 25th is saint Jacob's day who is the patron of the town. That day is specially marked up with a church celebration, and afterwards there is a festivity right on the tower square accomapnied by a fun program with free fish and wine.


Click to enlarge The island of Rogoznica is placed in Dalmatia, the southern part of Croatia known as the most beautiful zone of the country. The Dalmatian coast, as a matter of fact, is a succeeding of hidden bays, gorgeous islands, luxuriant woods, gulfs, secret beaches, delightful towns and typical villages of fishermen, as well Rogoznica. The island has an efficient harbor and it is easily achievable thanks to its connection to the mainland, and between the other natural attractions there is also a little salt lake called "Dragon's eye".


TROGIR (15 km)

Click to enlarge Placed in the area of Mediterranean climate, Trogir with its 2700 sunny hours per year is a real treasure among other tourist destinations in Croatia. You can enjoy Dalmatian specialities (all kinds of sea food with olive oil) prepared with natural ingridients, or classic continental food in over 100 bistros and restaurants in Trogir area. Do the evening walk through tiny streets and squares during the Trogir Summer Festival and enjoy in the Folk dances, Classical concerts in the cathedrale, or Jazz nights on Radovan square. Trogir is only 27 km far from ancient Split and 55 km from Sibenik. Trogir is called a "little Venice", or a "Town-Museum". Its history goes back to the Hellenic times when it was known as Tragurion.


Click to enlarge Primosten is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Dalmatia (tourism has been developing in an organized way since the 60's) and ranks among most picturesque small towns on the Adriatic, with a number of typical narrow streets in the old town core on a small, hilly peninsula. Various sports and recreational opportunities include tennis, table tennis, bowling, beach volleyball and yachting. Yachting and diving schools are also provided.
Visitors may choose between 50-odd restaurants, taverns, etc. The most famous local speciality is spiny lobster a la Primosten. The discoteque Aurora is the largest one in Dalmatia.
Good Flower of Europe 2007 for Primosten!!!
The Golden Flower of Europe, Europe's top tourism award, was won this year among a strong field of 5 600 towns by the small town of Primosten.

SPLIT (45 km)

Click to enlarge Split is the largest city in Dalmatia. It is also a major cultural, economical as well as tourist center. Tourism in Split is developed and diverse.
The city of Split lies on a peninsula in between the Castellan inlet and the Split canal. Towards the wes there are the mountains Marjan, Kozjak and Mosor which protect the city from the northern cold.
Culturally, Split is one big museum. Just by taking a stroll down the city streets or across one of its many squares, visitors will get a taste of the past and have a chance to study the many monuments as well as the city's architecture.
Guests can enjoy wonderful Dalmatian cuisine and wines in one of the many restaurants and taverns which Split has to offer. Then, for some evening entertainment, Split has many cafe bars, nightclubs and discoteques.




Kuna (1 Kuna = 100 Lipa). There are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Lipa coins, 1, 2, 5 and 25 Kuna coins and 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Kuna banknotes.

Foreign currencies:

Foreign currencies can be exchanges at banks, exchange offices, post offices and at tourist agencies, hotels and camping grounds. Banking hours are 7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays banks are opened until 1 pm. In the larger cities some banks are also opened on Sundays. Credit cards: most hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards (American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Sport Card International). Cash dispensing maschines are ubiquitous.


Voltage of city power grid - 220V, frequency 50 HZ.


Tap water is potable throughout Croatia.

The telephone code:

For Croatia telephone code is +385.

Time zone:

GMT +1h in winter and GTM +2h in summer.

Travel documentation:

Passport or some other internatioanlly recognized identification document. Tourists may remain in Croatia for up to three months.
For more information:
Diplomatic consulates of the Republic of Croatia abroad or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia
Tel. +385 (0)1 4569 964

Customs regulations:

Customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia are in line with the standards of European Union countries. Foreign currency is freely brought in and taken out of the country (up to a value of 3000 €), up to a value of 15 000kn for domestic currency. More expensive professional and technical equipement should be registrated at the border. Dogs and cats, accompanied by their owner, need to have an International certificate from a registered veterinarian stating that at least 15 days and not more than 6 months have passed since their vaccination against rabies.
For more information:
Republic of Croatia Customs Administration
Tel: +385 (0)1 6102 333

Medical services:

There are hospitals and clinics in all larger cities and first aid clinic and pharmacies in all places. Foreign tourists do not pay for medical services if the Health Care Convention was signed between Croatia an the country they come from. Expenses of health services provided to persons coming from the countires with which the Health Care Convention was not signed are charged directly to users according to the price list. For patients whose lives are in danger, there is emergency transport by air (helicopter) or sea (speadboat).

Veterinary services:

There is a network of veterinary clinics and centres in Croatia.
For more information:

National holidays:

1 January - New Year's Day
Easter (including Easter Monday)
1 May - Labour Day
10 June - Corpus Christi (movable feast)
22 June - Anti-fascist Resistance Day
25 June - Statehood Day
5 August - Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day
15 August - Assumption
8 October - Independence Day
1 November - All Saint's Day
25 and 26 December - Christmas Holidays

Working hours:

Shops and department stores are opened between 8 am and 8 pm, and on Saturdays from 8 am to 2pm or 3 pm. A smaller number of stores close between noon and 4 pm. Many stores are also opened on Sundays, especially in the summer, and a small number in the larger cities are opened 24 hours a day. Public services and companies usually work from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Post and Telecommunications:

Post Offices are opened from 7 am to 7 pm, and on Saturdays till 7 pm. There are Post Offices in the larger cities which are opened until 10 pm in the summer. Postage stamps are sold in Post Offices and at newsstands. Public telephones can be used only with phone card, which can be purchased in Post Offices and at newsstands, in hotels and tourist complexes.
There are three GSM networks in Croatia - T-Mobile, VIPNet (both operate on 900 Hz) and Tele2 (operate on 1800 Hz). T-Mobile and VIPNet also offer 3G networks on 2100 Hz.
T-Mobile customer service: +385 (0)98 1212
VIPNet customer service: +385 (0)91 7700
Tele2 customer service: +385 (0)95 1000 444

Fire prevention:

Ensure that you have done everything to prevent a fire! Do not throw lit or flammable objects into the enviroment!
If you see a fire, please:
- inform others in your proximity;
- report it immediately on the telephone number: 93;
- try to extinguish the fire (in such a manner so you don't endanger yourself or others) till the fire-fighters arrive
Take notice of signs forbidding the lighting of fires!
Take care that your parked vehicle does not obsruct access to the fire on roads!

Important telephone numbers:

International dialling prefix for Croatia: +385
Ambulance: 94
Fire-service: 93
Police: 92
Assistance on the roads: 987, (if calling from outside of Croatia or using a mobile phone dial +3851 987)
General information: 981
Information about local and district telephone numbers: 988
Information about International telephone numbers: 902
Weather forecast and road conditions: 060 520 520
Croatia's auto club (HAK): 01 4640 800,,

Croatian angels:

Unified number of tourist information for all of Croatia: 062 999 999 (International callers, dial: +385 62 999 999)
This service is avilable in Croatian, English, German and Italian language from the 1st of April until the 31th of October.

Radio news in foreign languages during the tourist season:

On Program 2 of Croatia radio (HRT - HR 2), along with the regular news in Croatian, the Croatian Auto Club (HAK) will give traffic reports in English, German and Italian along with nautical news a number of times throughout the day. Other than on Program 2 of Croatian radio, alternating news and traffic reports will be emitted every full hour from thr following studios: Program 3 of Bavarian radio, Program 3 of Australian radio, RAI Uno, British Vergin radio and Chezch radio. Througout the day nautical newa will be emitted in English and Croatian.



Click to enlarge The Dalmatian cuisine and the islands follow the trend of modern nutritional norms.
The Croatian gastronomy, especially along the coast and on the islands, is based on the tradition of natural and healthy Mediterranean food that is rich with vegetables, olive oil, fish, shells, wine, goat and aheep cheese, citrus fruit, marasca cherries, grapes, figs and almonds. Our cuisine is known for the way the food is prepared, and nutritionists consider it to be extremely healthy. The vegetable is cooked in small amounts of water and spices with olive oil and herbs such as rosemary, sage, basil and mrjoram. 
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The fish is prepared "al brodetto" (fish stew), boiled or grilled, while meat cooked under a baking lid has a uniyue taste. Different kinds of cheese, such as smoked, young (this year's cheese) or oiled ones which are served as appetiyers with prosciutto (traditional smoked ham) and olives. Even though it is recommended to take fresh or dirty fruit for for desert there are also all kinds of pastries made with fruit and different kinds of nuts.
And of course, one thing you cannot avoid wether eating salty or weet food is a quality Croatian wine.

Dalmatian cuisine:

It is best known for grilled fish, fish al brodetto or boiled fish, but also for the salted or marinated ones. The most common spices are lurel, garlic and olive oil. Shells and crabs are made in a stewed savory way, while the most traditional Dalmatian meat speciality is pasticada with gnocchi and peak (baking lid).
Typical Dalmatian deserts are fritule (plain dark-flour fritters) and rozata (caramel pudding).

Croatian wines:

It is well-known that fish must swim 3 times: in the sea, in oil and in wine. This is why a glass of wine is welcome at every meal, and it is the basic part of a meal very often.
Northern Dalmatia: primosenski babic, drniski merlot, debit (popular wine in the region)
Middle and southern Dalmatia: dingac (dingach red wine) and postup, carsko i knezevsko vino (imperial and prince's wine), potomje, peljesac, putnikovic, rukavac, sv. Ana, bolski plavac (plavac from Bol), bolski opolo, bogdanusa, drnekusa, parc, mekuja, pelegrin, zlatan otok, posip, marastina, grk, plavac, admiral, lastovska marastina, viska vugava and prosek (prosecco) as a desert wine.

More information about gastronomy in Croatia: